Band classification will be based the number of playing members (winds + percussion).  Classifications are listed in the table below:

Class A                         1 – 29

Class AA                      30 – 49

Class AAA                   50 – 79

Class AAAA                80 – 109

Open Class*                110 +

*The Open Class may be reinstated if
enough bands register with 110+ winds
& percussion.



Olympic style judging panel where the high and low score are thrown out. Then the three (3) band judge’s average will determine the “Best in Class” Band Award.  The Drum Major, Majorette, Dance Line, Color Guard, and Percussion judge’s highest score will determine the “Best in Class” Award for those units.  (Bands may choose the “comments only” format for any unit including band.  Those bands would receive a participation plaque.)  The three (3) band judges numeral score (0-100) will be averaged for the band’s final rating.  The band’s rating will be determined from the following point criteria:

Point System for Ratings:

80 – 100 points =   I  Superior Performance

60 – 79.9 points   = II  Excellent Performance

00 – 59.9 points   = III  Good Performance

Score Sheet Breakdown:

Music                  =       40 (pt)

Execution          =       40 (pt)

General Effects =      20 (pt)

100 points maximum



The Fine Print

The performance order will be based on the band’s classification by the number of playing members (winds + percussion), smallest to largest.  If there are two or more bands with the same number of playing members, the performance order will be set by the post mark date of the registration.  Performance times = 6 minutes minimum and 10 minute maximum.  Bands will be judged on their performance and not what they choose to perform.  Bands may choose to move up in classification, but may not move to a lower one.  Electronics are acceptable; however you may want to bring your own power source.  (A power source may be available if you let us know a couple of weeks before the festival.)  There will be no boundaries or penalties.


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